5 Ways You Can Earn Extra Money Online Today

earn money online

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered our routine lives enormously. With shelter-in-place orders and work from home advisories, many people will find themselves at home and in need of an income-generating venture. Luckily, we live in the age of the internet, where there are plenty of income-generating ventures you can engage in, even if you are a novice at online money-making ventures.

Herein, we will explore 5 of the best ways you can earn extra money online today with little to no prior experience. Please note that there are numerous other ways you can make money online, but many of them require you to wait a few months (at least) before you can earn some money. Affiliate marketing is an example of such an online venture that typically requires lead time before making money.

#1. Virtual Assistantship

Being a virtual assistant entails helping businesses handle the variety of tasks they hon premise staff are too busy to handle. For instance, VA sare typically charged with the responsibility of scheduling appointments, handling email correspondence, making phone calls, conducting email research, blog management, social media management, event planning, proofreading, and much more.

 Needless to say, this particular online venture requires skilled individuals and a jack of many (and sometimes, all) trades in an office environment. However, if you can handle the variety of tasks asked of you, being a VA is a lucrative job. Of critical importance, your communications skills need to be above par. Given that you will be handling a wide variety of tasks from a remote location, you also need to be adept at using applications such as MS Office.

Some of the best sites to visit in search of a VA job include Assistant Match, 24/7 Virtual Assistant, Elance.com, Upwork, eaHelp, FlexJobs, VaVa Virtual Assistants, People Per Hour, Virtual Staff Finder, Ziptask, Uassist.Me, Zirtual, and Freelancer. 

#2. Freelancing / Consulting

The good thing about the internet is that it brings the global market right to your device – computer, tablet, or smartphone. This means you can sell your skill to a worldwide market. You should know that whatever you are good at, there is someone, some company, or some organization that is interested in services.

Whether you are an experienced marketer with years of experience in strategy development and implementation or a software developer, you can rest assured that you can sell your services on a freelance basis.

In case you find it hard to translate your experience into an online consultancy business, but you still want to make money online, you can choose to offer freelance services on a skill that is easy to learn within a short time. For instance, you can look for data entry projects, which are not difficult to get to grips within a short timeframe.

#3. Online Tutoring/ And Creating Online Courses

Online tutoring is another way to monetize your expertise, skills, and experience in your field online. There are many ways of going about teaching others what you know. For instance, you may opt to tutor a single student or a group of students via a tutoring platform such as that offered in Tutor.com. This is a more hands-on approach to passing on your knowledge to others.

Alternatively, you can opt to create an online course for a more hands-off approach to teaching your students. Platforms such as Teachable.com allow you to develop and disseminate your online courses. It is important to note that while creating an online course can help you earn extra money, it might not be today. You must market the course and recruit students to make money from the course.

#4. Content Writing And/Or Proofreading

Believe it or not, some copywriters are making upward of $200,000 per year in writing content. With every company in the country and around the world making an effort to build an online presence, there is no shortage of copywriting jobs. You can tap into this market and make some money and eventually earn a living from copywriting.

As such, if you a skilled writer with a creative mind, do not hesitate to try copywriting. You can start today and if you are persistent enough, network with potential clients, deliver your best work every time, and you keep learning, you will soon be making top-dollar rates.

An excellent place to start as you venture into copywriting is UpWork.com and Problogger.com/jobs. Both of these sites have numerous writing jobs you can apply for.

In the light, you can venture into proofreading. Just as companies will pay you to write content for them, they will pay you to proofread content for them. While you will not get the same rate as the writer, you do not have to conduct research nor write the content. This can be a lucrative job, especially when you work with an agency that has many articles requests.

Your job will be to proofread the content and correct any errors you find. Generally speaking, for this kind of work, agencies pay about 25% of the cost of the article. If the article costs about $100 to write, you can make $5 to proofread the same article. Keep in mind the rate you get paid will depend on how you negotiate with the digital marketing agency.

#5. Translator Or Interpreter

If you have a good command of two or more languages, you stand to a chance to earn some extra cash online working as a translator or interpreter. There are plenty of jobs online for translating documents from one language to another language. Translation or interpreter projects involving English, German, Arab, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, and Japanese are common and, generally speaking, in demand.

Other ways you can make money online include:

  1. selling your photos on stock photography sites (especially if you have stellar photography skills or live in a photogenic area)
  2. Become an online 
  3. Become a transcriber, become an audiobook narrator
  4. Engage in paid online surveys and research

However, if you have patients and want to create a long-lasting venture, consider getting into making ebooks, affiliate marketing, or even drop-shipping. There are unlimited money-making opportunities online. 

The good thing is that you can carry out these tasks from where ever you might be around the world. Moreover, you can work online for extra money when you are free and have some time on your hand.